And I know now, what I didn't know before

Last two pages of this chapter!

Might change this a bit for the final edition, hmm. But that's a long ways away yet. For now I'm gonna take a briiief break from Sacred Heart (I know, I know) to finally pull the trigger on something I told someone I'd do for them ages ago and haven't been able to make work yet. If I can actually pull it off I'll tell you all about it! For now take care of yourselves out there, and remember you can always be first to know when Sacred Heart updates by following me on the Twitter: https://twitter.com/elsub

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Chrome for the holidays

Three more pages:

Saucy. Sometimes I get self-conscious about how much sex I put in my comics? But then I think, "Eh".

Man I am always posting these things on the run huh. Right now I'm a-runnin' off to bed because I'm tired as eff and have a 10-hour shift tomorrow. Goodnight moon.

I can't move, 'cause I'm completely alone now

Next chapter of Sacred Heart is go!

SPX was incredible, I met so many rad people and got my sweaty paws on so many great new comics. I even managed to give the Hernandez brothers some drawings without throwing up everywhere!  Everyone who loves comics should go to SPX at least once in their lives.

In big big news, my dude Kevin has opened the Czap Books online comics distro! You can buy lots of great print comics there, including the latest PUPPYTEETH(which is amazing) and all my print stuff(Cyanide Milkshake, etc.). http://czapbooks.bigcartel.com/

Okay that's all folks. See you next week!

I'm comin' over, so move over

Whoa, FINALLY these two new pages to finish up this chapter:

There's been a ton of real-life upheaval and distractions going on for me lately (don't worry, everything's okay), and I've been getting things ready for SPX, aaaand preparing myself for my first vacation in 3 years (yay beach!).  Sacred Heart's not going away, I promise; my schedule's gonna calm down by the end of the month here and we'll be right back to updating regularly. I'm only like 150 pages away from finishing, exciting huh?

So SPX, the Small Press Expo, is September 15th and 16th, that's really soon! It's a really great year with like a million amazing cartoonists exhibiting, and the door fee is really really cheap, you should really come check it out. I'll be with my main buds Matt and Kevin Czapiewski at table F5 with more super-cheap minicomics than you can shake a stick at, and Kevin's debuting the anthology PUPPYTEETH 3, which is really beautiful and manages to top itself with every volume (and that yours truly happens to have a comic in). COME ON DOWN.

Okay, well take care of yourselves in the meantime, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming soon!

I went to school, in Olympia

Hello? Is this thing on? Boy was THAT break longer than I intended. Here's your next 3 pages of Sacred Heart:

I spent the last 3 months working on a number of other projects, mmmmost of which are finished now. I've got a piece in Puppyteeth 3, edited by my best bud Kevin Czapiewski and debuting at this year's SPX, AND I've got a bunch of new minis that I'll have at DC Zinefest this Saturday and at SPX in September, and hopefully available to order from a few awesome online distros once I get my shit together.  Uhhhh I feel like I should say more after being gone so long but I've got errands to run before work, so I'll leave it at "nice to see you again, be back soon!" BYE

Sweating for the future, but it's such a long night away

Tres mas pages pour vous:

There's one more (pretty inconsequential, action-wise) page left in this chapter, I just couldn't for the life of me finish it in time to update this week.  Sacred Heart updates might be slow over the next few weeks because I'm going to try and crank out Cyanide Milkshake #4 (my comics zine) in time for this big local DIY fest going on in June http://festtoo.tumblr.com/ .  I did the flyer too, scroll down and take a look!

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Okay, see y'all real real soon, have a great weekend! xoxo

We are like a punk rock song


And on to the next chapter:

Sorry about the period blood oh wait no I'm not. In case you don't follow me on Twitter, here's some info: this is the start of chapter 17, and Sacred Heart volume 1 is going to end up at 29 chapters total (unless I end up mushing some chapters together, in which case it'll be the same number of pages, just fewer chapters).  We're more than halfway there! If you need a bathroom break now's a good time.

And in the meantime, there are now places online where you can buy my print comics! The beautiful people at Wow Cool (http://wowcool.com/Liz-Suburbia/) and Quimby's (http://www.quimbys.com/store/4699) were kind enough to carry my shtuff.  Check it out if you're so inclined.

Okay see you next week with more!

Face it, our work fills the pews

Six new pages, it's the end of the chapter! BOOM:

The plot thickens!  Feel free to choose your own background music; I'm partial to "Ever Fallen in Love" by the Buzzcocks but it's up to you.  Next week: the aftermath! xoxoxo